Are Baby Boomers Financial Marketers’ Millennial Secret Weapon?

Much has been written stereotyping both the millennial and baby boomer generations, but the real insight lies in how they work together – if given the right environment. There are roughly 66 million baby-boomers in the U.S., most of whom were supposed to be retiring in the next five to ten years.

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Are Baby boomers financial marketers’ millennial secret weapon? Mom and Dad, even Grandma and Grandpa may be among ‘social influencers’ who can help sell new generations of consumers on banking with you.

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Whether it’s in the financial space, in technology, in marketing, in training. I was told that okay, you survived the baby boomers. Well when the millennials come, you’re really out of business.

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"Millennials inherently understand how to push the right content to the right audience at the right time vs. posting media and hoping that an audience finds it. According to the data, Millennials are 183 percent more likely than Baby Boomers to post a video to Instagram." Millennial Marketers Understand the Power of Video.

Because they disintermediate traditional financial institutions (and. But the greatest impact will be on the workforce. As Baby Boomers retire, Gen X turns its attention to knowledge transfer, and.

As a marketer, I understand the value of psychographics and cohorts to. Baby Boomers were famous for their disregard of authority with the.. they might just finally unlock “The Secret to Marketing to/Working with/hiring/keeping/ understanding millennials'.. Your secret weapon?. Financial Services.

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The "boomer boomers," as these militant millennials begin calling themselves, go after icons of baby boomer pop culture like Paul Simon and Stephen King, and eventually they make plans to.

Millennials are a big generation at 75.4 million, but baby boomers aren’t that far behind with 74.9 million. Those over the age of 50 make $2.4 trillion in annual income in the U.S., and AARP reports that about half of all consumer spending is done by baby boomers. Yet only 5-10% of marketing efforts target my generation.