Are Real Estate Investments Resistant to Inflation?

Real estate rents and values tend to increase when prices do.. stocks can be an important part in a portfolio that protects investors against inflation shocks.

Invest in commodities. Or consider the healthcare industry. Not only is it inflation-resistant, according to author and columnist Harry Domash, but it’s a growth industry, which will boost your portfolio even without inflation. Domash recommends generic drugmakers, manufacturers of diagnostic substances, and specialized health services.

The balance sheet remains healthy and worthy of its investment grade rating. increase and become a “Passive Landlord” with our 8% yielding diversified Real Estate Portfolio. Disclosure: I am/we are.

Real Estate. Just as the value of the property rises with inflation, the amount tenants pay in rent can be increased over time, enabling the income generated by an investment property to keep pace with the general rise in prices across the economy.

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The last post, Inflation – The Secret To Building Wealth in Real Estate, is about how inflation is essential to building wealth via your real estate investments. While most people subconsciously understand that real estate has all of the features listed in that post, they may not be sure why real estate has those features.

5 Ways to Inflation-Proof Your portfolio. real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are a special class of corporation that focuses on large real estate holdings.. and that these are stocks.

 · This inflation-proof portfolio has the added advantage of non-correlation with the S&P 500 Index SPX, +0.60%. Non-correlation means that adding this mix of investments.

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"Real estate is a natural inflation hedge that also tends to pay decent current income. A basket of REITs is generally a good addition to any portfolio, and now more than ever," Charles Sizemore, founder of Sizemore Capital Management, said in an article for U.S. News .