Did Steve Mnuchin Help His College Roommate Steal $2 Billion?

Today, sources told The New York Times and The Washington Post that Donald Trump will nominate Steven Mnuchin, an ex-Wall Street executive and Hollywood financier, as his Treasury secretary – despite Trump’s promises to cut ties with Wall Street.. Mnuchin served as Trump’s national finance chairman during his campaign, but has no experience in politics.

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Also read about former board member Steve Mnuchin who is now your current Treasury Secretary. These are former yale secret society members who had been waiting for their chance to pillage industries for gain Did Steve Mnuchin Help His College Roommate Steal $2 Billion?

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Posted: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 12:00:00 -0400. gates’ business partner, Manafort, was forced off of the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016 after it was reported he got nearly $13 million of undisclosed payments from Yanukovych. Gates did not respond to requests for comment.

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Mnuchin, a college roommate of Lampert’s at Yale University, had been a director at Sears and ESL, and previously worked with Lampert at Goldman Sachs. In a statement on behalf of ESL, Lampert and Kalmani, ESL said it vigorously disputed the lawsuit, calling the allegations "misleading or just flat wrong," and saying all transactions were done.

Did Steve Mnuchin Help His College Roommate Steal $2 Billion? Elizabeth Warren and A.O.C. are demanding answers about Mnuchin’s friendship with former Sears chairman Eddie Lampert. Church Of Odin

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, also known as the resident Trump administration footstool, has not had a great week. On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that, according to an. Flipboard: Did Steven Mnuchin Help His College Roommate Steal $2 Billion?

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