Do condos appreciate as fast as single-family homes? Answer may surprise you

A condo may afford you the ability to have frills you may not otherwise be able to afford at a home like a pool, clubhouse, or gym. Expenses for maintenance cannot be paid on your own schedule. Hopefully by now you have started to get a grip on the pros and cons of buying a condo vs a house.

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That means that you may not require a larger single-family house.. Townhomes. condominiums, co-ops and more: how property type affects your mortgage. But detached homes tend to appreciate faster and hold their value longer, notes Dorris. What recreational pastimes do you partake in and where?

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When most people talk about "buying a house" they mean purchasing a single-family home, which is a stand-alone structure on a foundation.. as some condos and townhomes do, meaning you have.

Which has a better return on investment, condos or single-family homes?. single-family homes tend to appreciate more than condos, partly because people have a hard time envisioning paying a higher sales price for a property where they have to pay condo fees.. live in the condo yourself and.

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Though single family homes are typically more desirable, they are usually more expensive so buyers priced out of those properties will then look at the condos (at which time condos will usually appreciate more than when home prices are low).

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They typically appreciate at a lower rate than single family homes. As always, make sure you do your due diligence. Outlined above is just a brief synopsis of why I choose to invest in condos and townhomes over single family homes. It’s working out great for me so far, and if your market is anything like mine, then it may work out for you, too!