Five things you should know about office condos

We are condo investment experts focusing on pre-construction condos in Toronto and the GTA. We help condo investors make better decisions which lead to higher returns with lower risk and ultimately a better quality of life.

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You should find out which is the case in the neighborhood you are considering. If it under professional management, you will want to get the contact information for them and give them a call. Often management companies are an excellent information source for anything you could want to know about the neighborhood.

5 Things to Consider when Shopping for an Eco-Friendly Condo But what exactly makes a developer a leader in the condo industry? As opposed to merely looking to cash in on poorly constructed buildings, elite developers will take care to cultivate communities.

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Here are five things you should know about office condos: Miami office rents continue rising. End-users who plan to stay put for over three years could benefit from purchasing office space rather.

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Five Things You Need to Know About Selling a Condo | MaryAnnT Writes! March 21, 2013 [.] or own it as an investment property, if you’re ready to sell your home, it’s time to talk to a qualified real estate agent in your area.

Renovating a stand-alone house and renovating a condo unit can produce similar-looking results, but the processes can be very different. Each renovation of a condominium space comes with its own limitations, possibilities and strategies, all of which you should consider before beginning a project – even before purchasing a space.

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5 Things You Should Know About Buying a Condo in Hawaii. Posted by Admin LUVA on Monday, February 5th, 2018 at 1:19pm. LUVA Real Estate agents often work with homebuyers who, after looking at the financial requirement of owning a single family home in West Hawaii, or do not want the day to day.

Five things to consider when moving offices. The amount of time you'll need to find new premises varies, but the larger the amount of space you want, the more difficult it is to find in Central London.. If you are unrepresented, you won't know how many people are looking at a building, how much interest.