Freddie Mac CEO Casts Doubt on Joint $125 Billion Fannie Funding

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The Obama administration instead turned to the nation’s two government-sponsored mortgage giants – the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as "Fannie Mae," and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as "Freddie Mac" – to invent a new diversion of funds in a desperate attempt to keep Obamacare from collapsing.

He urged the regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the FHFA) to allow for loan modifications involving principal write-downs. Loans not backed by Fannie and Freddie have been receiving principal write-downs more frequently as private investors calculate that it can make good business sense to avoid a foreclosure this way.

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Freddie CEO casts doubt on FHFA capital plan. a capital plan issued a year ago by the companies’ regulator would require the mortgage giants to raise a combined $125 billion, in part by selling shares.. Donald "Don" Layton, chief executive officer of Freddie Mac.