Housing costs exacerbate income inequality

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Changes in housing costs have dramatically exacerbated the rise in income inequality in Germany since the mid-1990s, according to new UCL research. It found that 20 per cent of those with the lowest incomes (bottom fifth) saw their share of household income spent on housing rise from 27 per cent in 1993 to 39 per cent in 2013.

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Regional income inequality appears to be more severe in China than in the U.S. But the degree of disparity shrinks in China and expands in the U.S. when housing costs are taken into account, according to a recent article in the Regional economist.. assistant vice President and Economist Yi Wen and Research Associate Brian Reinbold explored the impact of housing costs on standards of living.

Shifts in Housing Costs Exacerbated Rise in Income Inequality . Changes in housing expenditures dramatically exacerbated the rise in income inequality in Germany since the mid -1990s, according to a new paper by Christian Dustmann ( University College London), Bernd Fitzenbergerand Markus Zimmermann Humboldt University (Berlin). The researchers.

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there is growing evidence that income inequality impedes economic growth. And one interesting explanation boils down to the high price of housing. A recent paper by researchers at Harvard University.

 · How rent control can exacerbate inequality By. these policies can cause landlords to make choices that can exacerbate income inequality, likely a reflection of soaring housing costs.

Two researchers argue that the cost of living in areas with the greatest economic opportunities has forced low-wage workers to migrate instead to areas with inferior opportunities. Housing Prices and Income Inequality – The New York Times

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"The affordability crisis within major urban areas is real," they write, "but it is due less to over-regulation of housing markets than to the underlying wage and income inequalities, and a.

 · The annual deep dive by the Joint Center for Housing finds inequality, increased costs amid economic boom. and even those with the cheapest rents are struggling thanks to growing income inequality.

Housing prices are exacerbating the gap between the richest and poorest Americans, a new study has found. Incomes are growing fastest for the wealthiest Americans – especially the top 1%.