How to find the best car finance rates in Aus

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Compare car loans from Australia’s reputable lenders with Savvy. Search for low interest rate car loans, apply online and get approved. Skip to main content. How Savvy will help you find a great deal on your Car finance.

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(A) Rates vary depending on the applicant’s credit rating, these are the best rates offered to applicants with the best credit rating. Secured car loans the cheapest. There are two types of car loans: secured and unsecured. secured car loans are the cheaper option. On the Mozo database the average secured personal loan rate is currently 8.40% while the average unsecured rate is 12.08%.

Car Finance Australia also offers very competitive interest rates for car loans in Australia. We have low monthly fees and no termination charges to make car loans as easy and affordable as possible for our customers. If it’s new car finance in Australia that you’re after, you really can’t afford to go past Car Finance Australia.

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The best way to get a great used car interest rate is to know your credit score, shop at several lenders, and focus on the total cost of the auto loan instead of the monthly payment. Beyond the price of the car, paying interest on your loan can be one of the most expensive costs of owning a vehicle.

“We’re seeing a flurry of existing borrowers doing their research to find out which lenders are the most competitive.” A rate cut is also an opportunity for borrowers to get ahead on their mortgage.

The length of a car loan can make a big difference in the loan’s interest rate and how much you’ll pay in interest over the life of your loan. To minimize both, get the shortest term you can.

More Australians are about to get their loans approved, but financial experts warn there is a pitfall too many first home buyers fall into. COMPARE THE BEST DEALS. 30 years – rates will rise in.