Interest rate cut will be good news for many, but not for all

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So if tariffs on Mexican imports rise all the way to 25%, "the Fed may well need to cut [rates] by much more than 50 [basis points,]" JPMorgan writes. Write to Alexandra Scaggs at alexandra.

Wiping out student debt would be a boon to millennials with homebuying aspirations HOMEBUYING: Wiping out student debt would be a boon to millennials with homebuying aspirations While Texans’ eyes tend to be bigger than their budgets, they were nowhere near the number people in New.

If the odds of additional rate cuts fall, CD rates may not fall a whole lot more from where they are now. With one or two more rate cuts likely, I expect to see more CD rate cuts, but the cuts should not be as severe as it might be if the economy were heading into a recession. Deposit Account Strategies

“Many people take Fed actions at face value,” he wrote. “When the Fed cuts interest rates. “finally, rate cuts are taken as a predictor of further rate cuts, implying more of all the above,” Marks.

The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates for the first time since George. "This applies to all types of loans, including unsecured loans and. With a high- interest savings account you might land a rate close to 2%, but not much higher – especially. Fed rate cuts will mean savings for many homeowners.

The Reserve Bank’s decision to cut interest rates will be welcomed by many Australians – but as always there are winners and losers.. spelling good news for owner-occupiers. But not all.

International Business News: The federal reserve cut interest rates on Wednesday, but the head of the US central bank said the move might not be the start of a lengthy campaign to

For fixed-rate mortgages, a rate cut will have no impact on the amount of the monthly payment. Low rates can be good for potential homeowners, but fixed-rate mortgages do not move directly with.

The Federal Reserve is poised to cut its key interest rate Wednesday, marking its first rate cut since December 2008 when the economy was in the depths of the Great Recession.. All told, the.

ECB interest rate cut is good news.or is it? May 5, 2013 When the european central bank governors met this week to announce that its main interest rate was to be cut to a record low of 0.5% nobody was surprised.but not everyone was particularly happy.

That was the year that the Fed initiated a mid-course correction in monetary policy, cutting interest. lifted rates just barely into neutral territory, where monetary policy neither spurs not.

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