Scottish parliament consults on introducing rent controls

Ms Sturgeon said her government would introduce. rent controls in some areas – prompted immediate criticism from the sector. Next May, the people of Scotland will vote in elections for the Holyrood.

Delegates at the Scottish National Party Spring Conference have voted in favour of introducing national rent controls for all Scottish tenants. Should the SNP win a majority in the upcoming Scottish general election this could mean landlords are unable to raise rents above a cap set by the State, even when their own mortgage costs rise.

Scottish Labour hopeful calls for ‘stringent rent controls’ Next Article > Breaking News.. has called for ‘stringent’ rent controls to be introduced north of the border, in order to make housing more affordable.. scottish parliament consults on introducing rent controls.

In terms of tax powers, the Scottish Parliament has full control over income tax rates and thresholds on all non-savings and non-dividend income liable for tax by taxpayers resident in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament also has full control over Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and Scottish Landfill Tax.

The Scottish Government is to introduce rent control powers to limit steep rises in the cost of housing, it has announced. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today released the SNP’s programme for.

THE introduction of rent controls in Scotland will be debated by the Scottish Greens at their conference in October. Party members will discuss a points-based system to set rent levels in the. executive members and directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament..

The Scottish government plans to introduce up to 15 new bills during the 2016-17 session of the Scottish Parliament. Here is a look at those. first in which the Holyrood administration has full.

The private housing tenancies (scotland) bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 7 October 2015. In the consultations which preceded the Bill, the possibility of the introduction of rent.

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Consultation Hub. The Scottish Government wants to make it as easy as possible for those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work. You can view older scottish government consultations here, and view a list of archived consultations (pre-2004) here.